Blacklisting Online Casino Sites

Plenty of online casino review sites are there in the market that talks about providing with the best online casino reviews.BingonReviews mission is slightly different from them. Unlike these sites, we don’t only concentrate on finding the top online gambling sites. We also make it a point to search the worst online casinos and separate them as a list so that gamblers can make a conscious decision after visiting

In this site, we analysed the online gambling site thoroughly from different aspects to find out the real statistics. Not every casino can make their place in the top casino sites list, but we ensure that these casinos treat its players fairly.

Often we have seen that players after joining an online casino make complaints about severe issues. We have diverted these factors into separate categories. Dicey games, unethical business, delaying of resolving issues, ignoring customer queries, withholding or cancelling winning amount, no license, and poor customer care are some of the factors considered seriously. If an online gambling site comes under any of these issues or some of the issues, we put them in the blacklist category.

We have parameters to pin-point a blacklisted online casino players. Read to get an overview:

1st, How to Point out a “Rogue Casino Site”

2nd, The list of gambling sites who are involved in unethical business practice

3rd, Regular updation of the blacklisted caisno sites list

How we bring together the list of blacklisted online casinos

Assembling of the names of the blacklisted online casino players is a time-taking process that demands extensive hard work on details. Bingonreviews opted for a broader perspective as a casino review site. Our professional review analysts check all the factors thoroughly, then does the rating accordingly. In these categories, we especially rate bonus offers, gaming selection of the casino, payment processing, security, payout speed and gaming policies.

Our expert professional gambler team test casinos in different ways. One of the ways of testing a casino is playing there as a member. This step helps them to check whether casino customer care is up to mark according to the gambling industry standards or not. If the casino failed to prove its worth, then we have put it in our blacklist category.

The Violation of Ethical Business Practices

BingonReviews believes that only those casinos that follow a fair business practice are meant to survive in the online gambling industry. Our professional team put a high emphasis on ethical business policies other than customer handling. The unethical business practice of a casino earns a bad name for itself and also have a negative impact on players apart from the gambling industry. Lack of resolving customer complaints, bad responsiveness, and unclear casino policies are strictly reviewed before we mark the online casino as the blacklisted ones.

Payment Issues

Entertainment in the gambling industry means a lot, but financial problems cannot be ignored. Payment issue is a serious matter that should be addressed properly by casino management. In most of the cases, experts have noticed that incapabilities of resolving payment matter cause turmoil in the system. Other than affecting the reputation of that casino, chances are there that players create a negative image of the industry. It is evident that why top gambling sites and some of the best bingo sites put payment issues on their top priority list. Process the payment and credited the amount at the right time without causing delay helps them in keeping their reputation intact.

Issues of Unfair Games

When it comes to gambling, the industry believes in fair gaming. Experts have revealed that unfair gaming has become a serious issue of the gambling industry that needs to be solved immediately. Platform providers ensure that casinos do not follow unethical gaming and take complaints of unfair games quite seriously. It is seen that in many cases, some of the topmost casino sites of the industry use random number generators to fulfil the condition of fair gaming. RNG software generates random numbers to stop ragged games and make sure that the numbers can’t be fixed. It offers gamblers to enjoy an equal chance of winning. BingonReviews have made it an aim to keep this unfair gaming issue at bay, thus blacklisted all the sites that do not follow fair gaming policy.

Issue of False Advertising

Advertising has an immense impact on the gambling industry. This highly effective marketing strategy is used for attracting potential customers. Having said that, it is also necessary to mention that the effectiveness of this practice majorly depends upon the usage. It might help players to find a good casino or introduce them to a ragged casino site. Often it is noticed that casino management offers a lucrative bonus, no deposit scheme or other benefits to its potential customers. Once the sign up for the membership, the terms got changed so that players could not be able to claim it. BingonReviews team is well aware of this issue of false advertising, thus opted for blacklist the casino method once they got confirmed that the gambling site is doing it on purpose.

No Licensing

Bingonreviews, as one of the top casino review site, believes that obtaining a license from regulatory bodies helps the gambling industry to improve its growth. It motivates casinos to serve better to its potential members. If any casino site doesn’t have a license, then there might be a chance that the casino doesn’t care for the rules made by the industry. These rash and aggressive casino sites only concentrate on their profit-making and ignore gamblers. Our team is hyperactive about this matter. We bring license issues to the casino’s notice at first, and if they don’t listen, we put these sites in blacklist category. It is needed to be done for preventing future harm to gamblers.

Marketing Spam or Spammers

Marketing is no doubt an effective way to communicate potential customers, but sometimes it also opens the door of malpractice. Spamming is one such malicious marketing practice. Spam emails often cause issues like consuming network resources, account hacking other than financial loss. An expert team of BingonReviews understand the threats of spamming, thus put all these online casinos to the blacklist category who are involved in this kind of activities.

Bingonreviews Blacklisted Casino Players

Bingonreviews have an aim to present 100% authentic online casino sites. We are not extremely stringent about the standards, but it is mandatory to sort out the worst. Our analysts take each step carefully before they pick the blacklisted casino. We take complaints seriously and analyse the severity of it. We take time to see whether these casinos are keen on resolving issues or not. Once we get confirmed that these gambling sites do not care for its members, we separated these from others and added in the blacklist category.

Checklist of Blacklisted Casino Sites

  • Planet 7 Casino
  • BetVictor
  • StayBet
  • Lake Palace Casino
  • African Palace Casino
  • Vegas Casino
  • Exclusive Bet Casino
  • RoadHouse Reels Casino
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